Forging strategic partnerships with domestic and international Financial Services providers continues to be an important part of Oman Insurance’s value proposition; as it has been during the past decade or so.

Innovative approaches to product development tailored to the specific needs of our banking partner’s customers; has facilitated rapid growth of these strategic relationships; which are all based upon mutual benefit and trust for our counterparts and those who are insured by them.

Adaptability, Security, privacy and integrity are core values of the Oman Insurance bancassurance business unit. Our highly specialised bancassurance operations centre allows us to tailor the supporting business infrastructure to the sometimes unique and rigorous specifications of each individual business partner.

Placed in the hands of retail, corporate or private banking and wealth management professionals, the Oman Insurance bancassurance capability has proved to be a powerful tool for many high profile financial institutions.

Be it a retail, corporate or private banking customer of the Bank, the Bancassurance dept of Oman Insurance provides protection for customer convenience and through its already trusted source, the bank.

Working with the bank or FSI, Oman Insurance will develop bespoke products offering superior protection from several classes of insurance including life, health, personal belongings including motor, personal accident, marine cargo, trade credit, etc.

For more details on the Bancassurance of Oman Insurance, please call 00 971 4 2337777

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