Motor fleet insurance

Fleet Car insurance

Your motor fleet is crucial in keeping your business operations smooth and timely. At Oman Insurance Company, we understand the role your fleet plays in delivering business value. Hence, we have fine-tuned our motor fleet cover, so that whether it’s a basic or a Comprehensive all inclusive policy, it is perfectly suited to the everyday business requirements of your organisation. With our wide capacity to protect a small fleet of a minimum five light motor vehicles or a massive fleet of heavy vehicles, you can rest assured that your fleet will be well protected.

Additionally, our many years of industry experience translates into a seasoned claims team and an exhaustive network of providers that we skilfully leverage to ensure that our customers can quickly return to their business-as-usual routine after any roadside mishap.


  1. Personal Accident Covers to compensate your driver in the event of any debilitating accident.
  2. Roadside Assistance to aid your team in the event of any roadside emergencies.
  3. Personal Belongings Cover with higher limits to protect your staff’s personal belongings in the vehicle.
  4. Automatic Vehicle Additions to cover any new vehicles added to your fleet during the course of the policy.
  5. Geographic Extension to protect your vehicle across the UAE border into Oman and Qatar.
  6. Theft by Hirer Cover applicable to rent-a-car businesses.
  7. Agency Repairs for up to 3 years for salons and 4x4 vehicles only.
  8. Hire-Car Service that provides you with a replacement car for a few days while your vehicle is at the workshop for repairs.

Application Process

Your easy protection plan is just a few steps away. All we need are the following documents:

  1. List of vehicles in your motor fleet in an excel sheet (make, model, year of manufacture and value of each vehicle).
  2. If applicable, loss reports from existing insurer.


  1. Our insurance experts to guide you with all insurance technicalities, policy application and management and necessary fleet safety measures.
  2. One single policy administered to cover your entire fleet.
  3. Dedicated claims service from a team of professionals.
  4. Up to 10% discounts on policy renewals subject to satisfactory loss performance.

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