LivFit Wellness Program

In line with the country’s vision to enhance employee health, productivity and happiness, LivFit is a turn-key comprehensive wellness solution that HR Managers can use for free to help employees make positive lifestyle choices.

Exclusively designed for Oman Insurance Company’s healthcare members, LivFit empowers individuals to take charge of their physical and mental well-being, living their life healthy, happy and fit.

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What is LivFit?

It is a free comprehensive corporate wellness program that comes with our healthcare plans. With LivFit, employees get to choose from a variety of programs to help them with their health and fitness goals, including weight management, exercise, stress management, tobacco cessation and emotional wellness.

To start the wellness journey, employees will take the simple online health assessment survey, receive personalized health report and discuss their goals with our wellness coach. They can then track their fitness plan via our mobile app, like our Facebook page, get inspired, enjoy free group classes, participate in self-improvement workshops, and get discounts on a variety of wellness products. LivFit is all this and more!

How it helps you

Wellness programs can help business reduce their healthcare costs and improve productivity by creating a healthier, happier workforce. But after taking care of their multiple duties – recruitment, payroll, retention, succession planning, employee engagement, healthcare benefits, etc. – it is hard for HR managers to dedicate time and money to develop an internal wellness program.

LivFit will help you overcome this challenge. It gives you all the benefits and none of the hassles.

  • Free program for your organization. No fine print. No hidden charges
  • Ready to use wellness program. You only need to communicate and promote the program internally, we will take care of the rest.
  • Comprehensive solution to encourage your employees to know more about their health, get inspired to change and take charge of their well-being.
  • Easy to access with all the elements of the program centralized on
  • Have better attendance at work, increased productivity and decreased turnover.
  • Option to create specific program for your employees with one of our partners.

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