Unit Linked Plans

A unit-linked insurance plan is a combination of Insurance & Investment wherein a small portion of premiums paid is taken for insurance coverage and the remaining is invested in equities.

Invest Protect

Invest Protect is a unique single premium insurance plan designed by Oman Insurance Company, in collaboration with Commerzbank AG and BlackRock Investment Managers.

The plan gives you the opportunity to have exposure to a customized global model portfolio while providing downside protection.

Elite Life

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It is very important to plan for your future well in advance. Be it for child's education, wealth creation, or even retirement, our Elite Life plan provides an ideal investment tool to meet all these important personal goals.

Being a unit linked investment product, Elite life offers different categories of global funds to choose from along with the flexibility of switching funds based on your risk appetite. The plan comes with a guaranteed life cover to protect your loved ones in case of unfortunate event.

Smart Invest

Smart Invest is a unique Unit-Linked Insurance Plan that gives you the advantage of savings as well as reaping returns on investment.

Oman Advantage

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Oman Advantage is a unit-linked insurance plan that can help you plan for the future with intelligent investments and assist you to ensure that you and your family achieve your financial goals.

With the flexibility to choose from a wide range of global funds, you can decide on how long and how much you want to save to meet your financial goals.

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