OIC Mortpro

A life-cum-mortgage protection designed to protect the repayment of mortgage schemes and take care of loved ones. Should an unfortunate incident occur, the OIC Mortpro plan will ensure that your loved ones are protected financially. This plan will settle any Mortgage balance in your property and ultimately providing financial security for your family. The Sum Assured will reduce at an interest rate of 9% or 12%, depending upon the percentage that the individual has selected when the policy was issued. 

NOTE: In case of death during the policy term, a percentage of the Sum Assured will be paid. This figure will correspond to the outstanding mortgage loan balance as per the date of death of the insured.

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Key Benefits

  • An insurance plan that offers a high cover at low premiums.
  • Ensures that your loved ones are protected financially.
  • Assign policy to bank to take care of any outstanding loan repayment in case of unforeseen event.
  • Different premium payment options available.

Coverage and exclusions

  • Covers the risk of death due to any cause.
  • Passive war risk is excluded.
  • Suicide during first two years is excluded.

Terms and Conditions

The policy terms available are from 1 to 40 years

For cover above AED 2 million, please contact us at any of the below numbers.

Next Steps

How to purchase?

To receive more information about the product, please contact us on one of the telephone numbers below:

Call Center:
Dubai Life Sales Unit:
+ 971 4 230 2801
Sharjah Life Sales Unit:
+ 971 6 593 4150
Abu Dhabi Life Sales Unit:
+ 971 2 612 8421


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