Trade Credit

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Oman Insurance Company has partnered with Coface to provide you with leading Trade Credit Insurance
in the region.

Credit Insurance is a risk transfer mechanism that protects your company against payment defaults and
subsequently shields your cash flow. It protects your ‘Account Receivables,’ which is your largest asset and
future revenue. We cover both domestic and export trade transactions.

Our unique Credit Insurance offering combines the three core elements of credit management: Information,
Protection and Collection. We support you through your trade cycle by providing information on your
potential customers, protecting your outstanding receivables during the sales transactions and eventually
collecting your debt if the invoices remain unpaid.

Your benefits

Increase your revenue
Sell more by increasing the credit line of your existing customers, and gain new customers by offering them
credit payment terms from Day 1.

Protect your receivables against the risk of payment default
Our primary mission is to take over the trade credit risk inherent to your open account sales.

Access new financing opportunities
Insure your receivables to benefit from improved borrowing terms and increased credit facilities from our partnering banks.

Know your customers
Explore our database of 65 million monitored companies and track your buyer’s payment behavior.

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