Marine Hull

Hull Insurance against risks connected with navigation to which a ship or other insurable interest in water born movable property may be exposed during a certain voyage or for a fixed period of time

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We at Oman Insurance Company provide various types of covers for Hull from which you can choose or you can request. Our list includes the following:

  • Hull and Machinery
  • Disbursements (Increased Value) or Freight Interest Insurance
  • Protection and Indemnity (P&I)
  • Freight, Demurrage and Defence (FD&D)
  • Charterer’s Liability Insurance
  • Crew Personnel Accident (PA) Cover
  • Hull and Machinery – War & Strikes Risks
  • Loss of Hire
  • Builders Risks
  • Ship Repairer’s Liability
  • Port Authorities and Terminal Operators

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