Marine insurance

Marine Insurance

Welcome to the marine insurance section. In this section you will get all the information required for marine insurance.

Marine Insurance, which is the oldest type of insurances, is a very important area in the insurance industry. We at Oman Insurance Company conform to all the international standard of this class of insurance. We employ experts in the Marine Insurance section who act as consultants to our customers providing them with advises and best alternatives in the most difficult situation.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance will cover loss or damage of your goods transited by air, sea or road. We can provide tailor made Marine Cargo policies to match your particular business.

Marine Hull Insurance

Hull Insurance against risks connected with navigation to which a ship or other insurable interest in water born movable property may be exposed during a certain voyage or for a fixed period of time.

Marine Hull – Pleasure Craft

This Insurance policy covers Pleasure craft, Motorboats, Jet Skis, Yacht, Sailing boats or other similar properties. Whether used for private pleasure or for commercial pleasure and recreational purpose.

Energy Insurance

We are pleased to offer our services and appropriate risk management solutions from Energy Department.

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