Abu Dhabi Employee Protect

Finding an alternative healthcare insurance plan with the right mix of low prices and excellent customer service can be challenging.

This is why Oman Insurance Company, the largest insurer in the UAE has designed Abu Dhabi Employee Protect – an optimal medical cover for the workforce in Abu Dhabi. Not only does the enhanced plan include all benefits as per Abu Dhabi regulatory requirements, it also offers UAE wide access to medical providers.

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Key Advantages

Extensive Experience

As a specialist health insurance provider and serving more than 500,000 members, you can be sure that we leverage our 40 years’ of experience in the region to offer you swift and accurate services, whenever you need us.

Smooth Onboarding

Our dedicated onboarding team will support you to simplify the process of setting up your plan, from helping with the required documentation to providing you with medical cards. As soon as your policy is setup, your employees can use their Emirates ID to prove their eligibility and access medical treatment.

Dedicated Customer Service Unit

One of our core values is ‘Care’ – to provide our services with compassion and treat people as individuals, not as numbers. A dedicated team will take care of all matters related to your policy. They will listen to you and resolve any existing issues in a clear and efficient way. They will provide timely update and important information via regular communication.

Digital Capabilities

We are investing a lot to empower our customers in order to simplify the transactions and make them faster.

  • Present Emirates ID instead of healthcare insurance card to prove eligibility and receive treatment.
  • Smooth and quick pre-approvals with our online portal for providers.
  • Immediate pharmacy approval which gives instant online approval for prescribed medication.
  • Easy access to list of direct billing network on our website www.tameen.ae
  • Mobile application ‘myOIC’ to view list of eligible providers.
  • Online portal ‘OICare’ to add and delete members, request for card replacement, update insured details and generate reports.


Extensive network of quality medical providers includes hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and diagnostic centers across UAE. Members can easily access treatment on direct billing at various providers via our network.

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