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GO Saver

Regular source of income post retirement is an essential consideration for everyone to ensure that they can maintain the same standard of living. In the UAE the maximum end of service benefit is capped at 24 months basic salary, irrespective of how long one serves the company.

This is why Oman Insurance and Generali have come together to offer a group savings and retirement plan that allows employers to invest their End of Service Gratuity liability along with creating a retirement plan for employees. Employees are also offered the option to contribute towards their pensions on a voluntary basis, and employers can decide if they want to match the employees’ contributions or not, making GO Saver an attractive retention tool for companies.

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Key Benefit

  • Capital Protection: The plan offers access to General Account Fund with capital protection to ensure market fluctuations do not impact the invested amounts. The fund will always increase or be the same.
  • Global teams with local market expertise: The global knowledge from Generali diverse teams, together with Oman Insurance’s experienced execution in the UAE market, will ensure best solutions are put forward for the employers and members.
  • Risk Profiles: The plan offers 3 risk profiles to meet everyone’s risk appetite of every investor.
  • Convenient Digital Experience: The users will have access to an online platform for managing the contributions amounts, viewing the portfolio details, among other functionalities.
  • Portability: Members can choose to carry their plan when they move to another country and opt to receive their proceeds in their new country of residence.

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