Business 360

Evaluating business risks and the complex insurance solutions available in the market can be a daunting task, especially for an SME focused on business growth. At OIC we understand these complicated risks, the challenges they pose to the SME and the need for a simple, hassle-free solution. Our unique SME insurance program – Business 360, is an integrated offer with multiple covers under one policy. This protects your business, your employees, your motor fleet and more. Allowing you to maintain your business focus!

Business 360 Benefits

Multiline, Pre-underwritten Policy - A single policy with the widest range of covers in the market.
  • Group Medical
  • Motor Fleet
  • Property All Risk
  • Liability

Flexible Covers - You can choose from a variety of covers, and add Optional cover extensions to suit specific business needs.

Industry Specific Covers - Insurance solutions for a wide range of industry segments like F&B, healthcare, education, retail, and more.

Significant Geographical Span - One policy with the ability to cover 7 locations.

Simple Application Processes
  • Our policy saves you the hassle of going through several insurance providers and numerous insurance processes for your complex SME needs. Our Business 360 insurance policy offers one single streamlined application.
  • Additionally, our online platform offers quick and smooth direct quotation and binding facilities.

Competitive Pricing - Business 360 is an integrated insurance product with multiple covers competitively priced.

Efficient Claims Service - Our claims process is efficient and easy to follow and managed by an experienced claims team.

Ability to issue Free Zone Certificates

Group Healthcare

Our knowledge and experience with various SMEs in the region have enabled us to fully understand the requirements and challenges that our clients face. We recognize the need for providing an insurance service that is quick and easy to process, attractive and effective. Our group medical plans thus offer:

  • Practical medical insurance solutions with enhanced benefits like dental and maternity
  • An easy application process
  • Flexible plan options
  • Healthcare provider network across a large geographical footprint

Property All Risk

Designed as a comprehensive property cover, this policy protects your physical assets like your office, the premises, the equipment and other contents against damage from accidents, fire and certain natural calamities. An overview of our property covers:
  • Property Damage
  • Business Interruption
  • Electronic Equipment Breakdown
  • Money and Employee Dishonesty


There are inherent liabilities in every business venture depending on the nature of the business and the industry it operates in. We’ve identified certain recurring liability risks that afflict the regions SMEs and built covers to suit. The liability covers we offer are:

  • Public Liability
  • Workmen’s Compensation and Employer’s Liability
  • Medical Malpractice Liability

Motor Fleet

With our fine tuned motor claims service and decades of customer service experience, we can have the facility to get you back to business quickly after any mishaps. We can help you cover these risks with the following coverage:

  • Physical Loss/Damage
  • Third Party Loss/Damage (up to AED 1m)
  • Third Party Bodily Injury (Unlimited)

Our industry knowledge and experience allows us to understand your SME requirement and to provide a comprehensive service. Contact us or your broker for further details on the covers, extensions and limits available to suit your business.

Terms & Conditions

For Terms & Conditions please contact your broker.

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