Drive Safe. Drive Further.

As a leading motor insurer in the UAE, Oman Insurance clearly understands and acknowledges the value of Road Safety. Motor insurance data is often a good indicator of road accident trends, and can reflect the importance of following simple road rules. 

As a result, we are very committed to raising awareness on the importance of the road safety. However, we firmly believe that it isn't only today’s drivers who need to understand the value of good driving habits, but our children, our little backseat drivers, need to understand it also.  After all safer roads will soon be their responsibility as well.  

With this in mind we are reaching out to children in the UAE, to recognize their unique perspective on Road Safety, as they are driven around the UAE, learning the most basic road rules from their parents and caretakers!

We invite you to view our new series of Kids Talk videos, enjoy their special perspectives and share our Road Safety message forward. 

Disclaimer: The responses shared are a child’s impression and/or imagination which may not be recommended or true or based on any actual event.  
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