Smart Invest


Smart Invest is a unique Unit-Linked Insurance Plan that gives you the advantage of savings as well as reaping returns on investment.

You can choose to invest in a selection of funds that gives you the flexibility to decide how long and how much you want to save to meet your financial needs.

Key Features at a glance

Age at entry minimum 18 years to a maximum of 70 years for 1,2,3 & 5 year premium payment term; and up to 65 years for 10 year premium term
Premium Payment Options Single and Regular premium
Investment terms Up to 20 years for single pay; 2, 3, 5 and 10 years for regular premium
Minimum Premiums USD 15,000 for Single premium. USD 450 per month (equivalent of USD 5,400) annually for Regular premium
Payment Frequency Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually and Annually
Payment Option Credit Card, Direct Debit
Death Benefit Life cover of 101% of the fund value
Maturity Benefits Maturity amount will be paid as lump sum on completion of the policy

Next Steps

How to purchase?

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