Complimentary wellness program for all Oman Insurance Company Healthcare members

Posted on May 17, 2017

Oman Insurance Company, a leader in insurance solutions in the UAE, today announced a new comprehensive wellness program – LivFit – to encourage its healthcare members towards healthy and happy life.

Oman Insurance Company data shows that common chronic conditions like back pain, depression, diabetes and obesity account for a large percentage of all health insurance costs. These illnesses also directly impact the productivity of companies through increased sick days, absenteeism, and poor moral. However, many of these conditions are preventable with proper nutrition, exercise and simple lifestyle changes.

Understanding this, and in line with the country's vision to enhance people's happiness, Oman Insurance company has launched LivFit, a complimentary turnkey comprehensive wellness program that HR Managers can easily roll out for the benefit of their employees. Exclusively designed for Oman Insurance Company's healthcare members, LivFit empowers individuals to take charge of their physical and mental wellbeing and to make positive lifestyle choices.

"Unhealthy eating practices, increasing stress at work and a sedentary lifestyle are all impacting our health." explained Julien Audrerie, SVP Marketing & Customer Experience at Oman Insurance Company. "To be happy and fit in the future, people need to take the necessary, and often difficult, steps to change now. LivFit helps individuals take charge of their health in various areas, being physical activities, nutrition, weight loss, tobacco cessation and stress management."

LivFit is also offering an online assessment and a personalized health report to all individuals in the UAE to help them understand their current health status. OIC healthcare members can also further discuss their health goals with a professional wellness coach, and can track their unique fitness plan using a mobile app, visit the Facebook page to get inspired and read health-related articles on the dedicated website OIC healthcare members can also join gyms, enjoy free group classes and get discounts on a variety of wellness products.

"LivFit encourages an exciting new culture of healthy living." stated Christos Adamantiadis, CEO of Oman Insurance Company. He added "Increasing awareness and facilitating a health prevention program is important to improve individual wellbeing and lower healthcare cost in the long term."

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