Medical members can prove their eligibility by using their Emirates ID

Posted on Feb 12, 2017

Oman Insurance Company's healthcare members can now present their Emirates ID instead of their Medical Insurance Card as a proof of eligibility to use direct billing medical services. This facility is now available with OIC’s network providers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

In case clients forget their Oman Insurance medical Insurance Card, they can simply show their Emirates ID to receive medical treatment or get their prescription at pharmacies within the Oman Insurance network. This facility can also be used during the time period when new members are waiting to receive their physical Insurance Card at the beginning of the policy. Moreover, now members need not worry if their Insurance Card is not accessible at the time of an emergency.

All hospitals and clinics under the Oman Insurance network that currently use the ePre-Authorization Request web application can simply enter the EID number of OIC Healthcare insurance member to verify eligibility. The same application allows network providers to retrieve remarks and key benefits that are usually mentioned behind the medical card.

"All members who have a valid Emirates ID number registered against their medical policy can now enjoy this service" commented Dr. Yasser Khalifa, Oman Insurance’s EVP Head of Medical. He added "This is another step forward towards improving our digital journey, bringing convenience to our medical customers and enhancing their experience."

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